March 31st will be the last day for Style Warrior… I’m shutting up shop.

This journey began way back in 2006 with a humble run of 50 Hijack T-Shirts, for which I am forever grateful to DJ Supreme for his support… the proceeding months and years allowed me to collaborate with some great people and bands including Son of Noise / Hardnoise (respect to DJ Son and Curoc), Gunshot, Overlord X, MC Mell’O’, Music of Life (shouts to Simon Harris), Demon Boyz (respect DJ Devastate), Mighty Ethnicz, Silver Bullet, MC Duke, Kold Sweat, Stereo MC’s (cheers Nick), II Tone Committee, Blade, Cash Crew, Derek B (and family) and Caveman (nice one Mark).

The interest for most of these projects were gathered via the Heroes of UK Hip Hop forum for which I am eternally grateful. This forum also acted as a place to meet some great people some of which I am very good friends with still today… notably Waxer and the extended Disco Scratch family, a radio show that will go down in my history, and of course Repo 136 and the mighty Ageing B-Boys Unite!… both groups I’ve had a pleasure of working with many times over the years and shall continue to do so no doubt.

An extended thank you also goes out to MC Alikazam & Beany, Tough Crowd and Hearts of Darkness for allowing me to put out their music on vinyl… something I had wanted to do for many years and am extremely proud of what we achieved!

The biggest thanks goes out to all of the customers over the years who supported the projects I did. Many of you were there all the way! I can’t thank you enough really.

The reason for stopping? I think it’s essentially run it’s natural course. The core products where T-Shirts and I feel like I’ve ticked off all the ones I wanted to do… there were a few that slipped through the net but that was usually a case of lack of permission or not enough customer interest.

Both of the vinyl products still in stock have been slashed to cover the basic costs… these will be available to buy until 31st March and then that’s it.

We audi.