MC Alikazam

You bite, you never write / Calmer side of psycho 7″ vinyl


250 copies pressed


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In December 2012 I received a message on Facebook from a guy called Chris asking me if I was attending that evening’s 4our Pillars event, as he had a CD for me. I was attending and, at the event he sought me out and handed me the CD for which I thanked him, stuck it in my bag and promptly forgot about it.

A few days later, whilst getting ready to leave for work I remembered the CD and dug it out. “Dookie Squad – Alikazam” was written on it, which I’m ashamed to admit meant absolutely nothing to me at the time. On that CD were copies of the Dookie Squad’s ‘6 ft under’ ep, the then unreleased ‘Deep Rising’ ep plus a bunch of solo tracks by Alikazam.

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, yeah they were pretty amazing!

I played the tracks on a Disco Scratch Radio takeover show which got a good response, and during 2013 the Dookie Squad received great praise for their 2006 recorded ‘Deep Rising’ ep which finally saw a vinyl release. The group have since had a flurry of live gigs, are recording new material and are proving to be one of those acts from the UK that “should’ve made it big”.

The beatmaker for this project, Beany, has been involved in the music scene since he was 16 and formed the Thieving Beatmonkeys in 1997 with his partner Woody. Over the following five years they released three albums worth of big-beat tunes, heavy with movie themes. He’s been friends with Alikazam for a long time and the tracks on this 7” are two of three originally recorded in 2006 with the vocals being re-recorded on an improved mic set-up specifically for this release.