Here are some jolly nice people who like what we do... and we like them too!

Disco Scratch Radio

Weekly hip hop show (every Thursday) between 9-11pm hosted by Waxer with a strong focus on old school. There is a monthly takeover show from Repo 136 (Ageing B-Boys unite!) as well as the odd guest takeover show every so often.

Other highlights include in-depth interviews, honest opinions, voicemails and a great chatroom for the live shows.

Ageing B-Boys Unite!

“A blog for those of a certain age who have enjoyed any of the four elements of hip hop from back in the days of Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five to Style Wars to Mike Allen to Streetsounds Electro albums”. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Hot Buttered Soul Music Archeology

HBSMA Youtube channel

Chris and Brad, two ageing B-Boys in a shed, playing you dope selections of vinyl past and present with the occasional guest interview. Essential viewing.

Shelltoe Soul

Great old school hip hop show presented by Marc Seven, you can catch it live on Solar Radio, or even grab the podcasts his site.

Strictly Business Radio Show

Weekly 2 hr hip hop show hosted by Black Belt Jonez and Tyni on Brighton’s Juice 107.2 FM, which archived shows available on mixcloud or soundcloud.

Guided Minds Hip Hop Show

Catch Steve B’s 2hr hip hop show every Sunday on Purple Radio or grab a download of archived shows on his soundcloud,


Pioneers Hip Hop Show

The nicest man in UK hip hop, Whirlwind D hosts this 2hr hip hop show on Kane FM on the first Monday of every month between 9-11pm. Older shows can be listened to on the mixcloud page.


Suspect Packages

The one-stop-shop for UK hip hop.



Underground United

Underground United is a non-profit website where you can get information, reviews, previews, interviews, MP3’s, a huge flyer-gallery from the 80’s up to today and other stuff around Britcore/Hardcore-HipHop jams, records and bands alongside all other kind of information around Britcore.